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Tiger Fight, September 29, The Athletic reporter Jovan Buha published a long article today, revealing some details of Doug Rivers leaving the Clippers. According to alliance sources, there is no obvious conflict between Rivers and the Clippers.

9月29日,《虎扑》(Tiger Fight),体育记者乔万·布哈(Jovan Buha)今天发表了一篇长文章,其中透露了道格·里弗斯离开快船队的一些细节。根据联盟消息来源,里弗斯和快船之间没有明显的冲突。

Jovan Buha said that this was not the team’s impulsive reaction after stopping in the Western Conference semifinals, nor was it their sudden thoughts after the 3-1 lead was overturned, but the coaching philosophy of the two sides over the years, especially in recent weeks. Caused by differences.

乔万·布哈(Jovan Buha)表示,这不是球队在西部半决赛中停下来后的冲动反应,也不是3-1领先后他们突然的想法,而是双方多年来的执教理念,尤其是最近几周。由差异引起。

League sources said that after the Clippers were eliminated by the Nuggets, Rivers had several very candid meetings and conversations with team owner Steve Ballmer. They discussed the team's problems in the playoffs, and predicted the team's vision for the future development direction, including team play, lineup composition, player development and leadership on and off the court.


League sources revealed that after several hours of repeated discussions, the two sides concluded that Rivers and the Clippers management have different visions for the future direction of the team, which is the direct cause of their separation. At the same time, the Clippers management believes that many of the challenges the team has faced this season, such as team play and rotation issues, will still exist in the future. But as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George may enter the free agent market in the summer of 2021, these are urgent issues that need to be resolved.

联赛消息人士透露,经过数小时的反复讨论,双方得出结论,里弗斯和快船管理层对球队的未来方向持有不同的见解,这是他们分离的直接原因。同时,快船管理层认为,球队本赛季面临的许多挑战,例如球队的比赛和轮换问题,在将来仍然会存在。但是随着卡怀·伦纳德(Kawhi Leonard)和保罗·乔治(Paul George)可能在2021年夏天进入自由球员市场,这些迫在眉睫的问题需要解决。

Jovan Buha wrote that the difference between Rivers and the team is that he has recently insisted that backup center Montrez Harrell replace starting insider Ivica Zubac to play more often, as well as during Rivers’ coaching period. Inside, he is unwilling to use the will of young players more.

乔万·布哈(Jovan Buha)写道,里弗斯和球队之​​间的区别在于,他最近坚持要求后备中锋蒙特雷兹·哈雷尔(Montrez Harrell)代替首发内线球员伊维卡·祖巴克(Ivica Zubac)出战次数更多,以及在里弗斯的执教期间。在内部,他不愿意更多地利用年轻球员的意志。

After getting the league's best sixth man, Harrell was obviously hard to find form after the rematch due to his grandmother's illness. In contrast, Zubac's net efficiency after the rematch is as high as +11.1, which is comparable to Leonard and George. For many people, in the game against the Mavericks and the Nuggets, Rivers somehow failed to see Zubac as a more efficient player.


A number of league sources revealed that some people from inside the Clippers team, inside and outside the locker room, expressed that Harrell only retained vitality and stability on the offensive end after the rematch. But at the same time, Rivers still insists that Harrell is a better player.


In addition, the Clippers management determined that the currently built locker room lacks the necessary leadership and courage to become a true championship team. League sources stated that the players have not always kept themselves in their best condition, and the team has not been able to make timely adjustments appropriately.


The mistakes are not all Rivers alone, from the team owner to the front desk staff, to the players and other employees, there are many faults, but a large part of the responsibility is due to Rivers' decision-making.


League sources stated that Rivers could not adhere to the requirements of the new stars Leonard and George, and could not maintain the team’s old players (mainly Louis Williams, Harrell and Patrick Beverley). Cooperation.


Regarding the candidates for the new Clippers head coach, Jovan Buha said the team is starting a thorough job search, but there is no clear top candidate yet. This process may take several weeks. League sources revealed that the separation from Rivers is not the reason why the team already has a target candidate.

关于快船新任主教练的人选,乔万·布哈(Jovan Buha)表示,球队正在开始彻底的求职,但目前尚无明确的最佳人选。此过程可能需要几个星期。联盟消息人士透露,与里弗斯分居并不是球队已经有了目标候选人的原因。

However, league sources revealed that Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue is one of the candidates for the new head coach. At the same time, according to previous reports, Steve Van Gundy will also be considered by the team management. Although this high-profile job will have a strict testing period for the next coach, league sources said that the Clippers will study multiple candidates and try to find their own version of Lou, Steve Cole or Nick. -Nas waits for these new coaches who won the championship in their first year in the league.

然而,联盟消息人士透露,快船助理泰隆·吕是新任主教练的候选人之一。同时,根据以前的报道,史蒂夫·范甘迪也将被车队管理层考虑。尽管这项引人注目的工作将对下一任教练进行严格的测试,但联盟消息人士称,快船将研究多名候选人,并尝试找到他们自己的娄,史蒂夫·科尔或尼克。 -纳斯(Nas)等待这些在联赛第一年赢得冠军的新教练。